OptionBit Review

OptionBit is the latest and innovative Binary Options broker available in the market nowadays because it is performing with the newest technological advancements from Tradologic. Gathered from the leading Binary and Forex Options in the market, OptionBit gives their global traders with unified trading platform that contains the entire education center, trading tools services they offer that are available in the market and market analysis.

Some of the major problems that clients experience in OptionBit website are that they spent hours of attempting to read their “Terms & Conditions” for whatever browser they use, they cannot open it. A client once said that the support for the OptionBit mentioned that they are already working on the problem; however, weeks after a client has reported it, they still cannot seem to access the Terms & Condition. This problem can be crucial to clients for they have to assume that if OptionBit cannot resolve this simple and small problem, what more the main problems that might concern their invested money?

Why OptionBit Works

OptionBit platform for trading are based in the latest technology of TradoLogic, which is the main asset of OptionBit. Clients like the simple platform and the fact that it is controlled and managed properly. OptionBit recently added the tool for Trader Insight to their platform and they developed the overall look of their website. They also added an Advanced Chart feature, which is powered by Netdania. From the look of their website, OptionBit is still trying to develop by giving Algobit and VIP accounts; however, it is still unfortunately that it seems as if they have taken for granted small details such as having access to their “Terms & Conditions” page which is crucial for new clients. Therefore, some who have tried this Binary Option has nothing to say further but consider them as an average broker.

OptionBit Review – Is it just a Beginner’s Luck?

OptionBit was launched on May 2010, which was categorized as the “Premier Binary Options Trading Platform” that gives a user-friendly and not-that organized platform. Just like those new Binary Options platforms, OptionBit platform is guaranteed a 100% web based and do not need any downloaded software to start using. OptionBit trades on their trusted TradoLogic and is secured by Godaddy SSL. The platform of OptionBit trading depends on the latest technology of Binary Options systems for trading in the market today, which is armed with useful tools like Digital, Ranger and Touch trade or other In-trade tools such as Extend and Close Now options. You may view different charts by just clicking on their “Multi” button found in the upper right corner of their website page.

OptionBit proposes a different VIP accounts that have different perks and services. The most offered perk for their clients is the 2 withdrawals for free every month; however, to enjoy that perk, the client must have a deposit of $10,000, which is way too high for average clients. There are other well-known brokers that propose this perk also for a smaller amount of deposit and gives out also a much higher returns!

OptionBit brought in Algobit, which is software that authorizes you to do your trade manually or it can let you allow Algobit to just follow the signs it gives out.

A client may trade Binary Options, One Touch, Range and Short Term on their platform and their asset’s index is going pretty good, which offers their clients 69 assets to choose from. Instead of giving clients a refund on their expired options, they can permit to prolong the expiration by utilizing the “Extend” tool or may close their position before it even expires by utilizing the “Close” tool. The AutoTrade is their latest feature that carries out a much easier for clients to complete continuous trades in the world of trading. This kind of feature utilizes the winning Martingale system, which is an excellent thing for clients since they are only required to invest the winning total every time it opens again the latest trade. The trades will only stop if it gives out a result of a loss.

Final Thought:

Opting for a Binary Options Broker is not that easy at all. More studies must be done and every potential client has to do their own due diligence to know the Pros and Cons to reach their specific conclusion. OptionBit still has their disadvantages and advantages. Most final conclusion is that OptionBit must make a decision to what direction do they really want to go to and must work hard to reach it.

OptionBit is no doubt not a scam; however if you ask most of their clients, they would rather look elsewhere. They would not advise you to deposit your hard-earned money to a broker that does not seem to put importance to their simple “Terms and Conditions” file. Of course they would try to fix this problem; however, they must put immediate action to a simple issue because clients may think that they are not that serious to what they are doing.